Hebei YuanDa Technology Co., Ltd. is founded in 2006. It consists of 2 casting shops and 1 machining shop with an annual production capability of up to 7000 tons of raw castings and finished parts, including aluminum, iron, steel products and so on, which are mainly exported to Europe, America, Australia and other countries.

With motivation to be excellent, YD team always keep learning, improving and growing. YD finds and confirms its value by reaching and exceeding customers' expectation.

Holding quality of integrity, enterprising and cooperative spirit, YD expects to become a first-class products & service provider and establish permanent trust with customers.

  •  Customer should always be respected
  •  Focus on long – term cooperation, ignoring short – term profits
  •  Integrity, enterprising and cooperative spirit
  •  Learning, sharing, improving and go after excellence